Sunday, July 8, 2012


This boy keeps me on my toes.

Not a whole lot going on today. Rob's working. I took the boys to church this morning. We stopped by Starbucks on the way home - nastiest.white mocha.ever. The barista must have been new. Blegh. 

Brady can't nap. And he's doing a very poor job at staying in his room for "quiet time". I'm doing a remarkable job at keeping my cool today though. Although he's just woken Carson up from his nap by his loudness - hopefully he will go back to sleep. Otherwise looks like an early bedtime for them tonight!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Brady with his Play-Doh creation

Look at my big boy! He looks so grown up to me in this picture. Still looking a lot like my dad but more and more like Rob every day. Rob is working this weekend, which I detest, plus temperatures above 100 for the past few days have been leaving us finding lots of indoor activities. This morning was play-doh. Then mom volunteered to come to the pool with me this afternoon to help wrangle the kids. Otherwise I wouldn't have attempted it. I don't mind taking the kids by myself - except I want to melt in this heat. And when I'm constantly having to hover over Carson to make sure he doesn't walk over the edge of the pool or eat rocks or the most common is picking him up each time he falls on his face in the baby pool, it's just plain a lot of work to do by yourself. Add to it that I'm 30 weeks pregnant it's really not much fun for mama! So thank you mom for coming with us!

I am finally starting to buy some things for baby girl. Yesterday the boys and I went to Babies R Us and scored the Sit N'Stand stroller I wanted, plus it was on sale for $104! I am so glad I researched these puppies, because I was ready to plop down more than double that amount for a different brand. Today I ordered her a crib from Amazon. I was really not wanting to buy another crib and just use the expensive one both Brady and Carson have used, but I've finally realized that Rob is probably right and we are going to NEED another one since Carson will still be using ours for (hopefully) a long while after she is born. Plus the one I ordered is cheap enough that I can paint it a fun color and not worry about "ruining" an expensive piece of furniture. I'm thinking I'll either go with a soft pink, grey, or mint green color. 

I also bought her two of the cutest tiny cardigans from the clearance rack of Janie and Jack the other day. I'm thinking I will need to get them monogrammed with her initial. And I do believe the Janie and Jack clearance rack is my new favorite place to shop for the kids. I scored some great deals for Brady and Carson as well - including some winter/Christmas items for super cheap!

Motherhood and life in general has been so tough on me these past couple of weeks. I have really been struggling with the boys - especially Brady - lately. He has been having some major behavior issues and we think we have finally figured out the issue - he needs more "Brady and Mama time". I have felt like such a failure thinking about this. Ever since Carson was born Brady has had to share me with him. And while Brady has done so well in this area, Carson is now walking, talking and playing with all of the toys which formerly used to only be Brady's. Plus Carson is still extremely clingy and needy and requires a lot of attention from me. I asked Brady the other day if he felt left out and he replied "you never spend any time with me". So I have been trying my hardest to spend more one on one time with just him and even when Carson is around to give Brady more praise and focused attention - no matter how uncomfortable I am crawling around on the floor with him in my current state!

These problems, plus the heat, plus still dealing with trying to get this house organized from moving (and feeling like it will never get decorated - if I can even figure out HOW I want to decorate it), plus getting ready for the arrival of baby girl, plus the constant toy clutter, and never ending laundry, and my humongous belly, plus more family drama from Rob's side have made me stressed to the max. On top of it Rob hasn't been around as much as usual because he's been working a lot of OT (which I am thankful for) and Brady's daily nap has become very unpredictable - many days it is nonexistent, so I feel like I have not had any time alone to actually accomplish anything that needs to be done. I really shouldn't complain. I have so much more to be thankful for, but these past few weeks have been absolutely exhausting and stressful and I am craving a kid-free vacation, which I know is not likely to happen for a few more years! I told Rob a while ago that we need to start planning and saving to take a nice trip in 2 years from now for our 10 year anniversary. At this rate of busyness it probably will take 2 whole years to research and plan!