Friday, May 30, 2008

All I Need is a Baby!

Ahh, I love the UPS man & mail lady! Today I received a package of cloth diapers which got here much sooner than I anticipated. Nicki's Diapers - you rock! Anyway, I only ordered 2 diapers (one Kissaluvs Size 0 and one Bum Genius 3.0) to make sure I approved of them before I spent a small fortune investing in a whole stash. I am now 10 times more excited about cloth diapering than I ever was. I wish I knew someone with a baby close by so I could try them out! Here they are.
Next week should be exciting as well. I know I said in my last post that I was going to wait to order the crib until the wood swatches arrived so I could decide between white or antique white, however, I got nervous over the rising costs of shipping charges and decided to go ahead and order the crib in white. Land of Nod has free shipping on their cribs and mattresses, but I was scared that they might take it away soon, given how everything else is going up in price. If they did this it would cost an additional $100 just to have it shipped! Anyway, thanks to their Lickity Split delivery, it should be here in 5-7 days!
I also ordered this adorable LuLu the Lamb stuffed chair from Baby Style. I've had my eye on this thing for the past 2.5 years, ever since my friend from high school had her baby and I had considered ordering it for her. Baby Style was running a great promotion of 25% off and free shipping for new customers. What would have originally cost me a little over $100 only cost $68! I know, I was still expensive, given that we're probably only going to look at it and I'll probably freak out if the baby (or Frank) gets it dirty, but how could I resist? But please, shhhhhh, don't tell Rob I ordered her. Although I doubt he'd care, since he knows I've liked this beauty for a long time, he'd still think I was wasting money....he has no room to talk, Mr. I NEED to golf every week!
She's so cute!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Christmas in May!

Imagine my delight when I opened my mailbox this afternoon and found not one, but two exciting packages I had been waiting on! First up, Crunchy Clean laundry soap that I mentioned in my previous post. I ordered samples in the Chamomile scent and also Monkey Farts! I immediately tossed a load of extremely dirty laundry (more info in a minute) into the wash with the Monkey Farts. The girls on the Eco-family friendly board on the nest were right about this whole house smells sooo yummy. Next up (and currently still in the machine) a load of towels with Chamomile. It smells good too, but I'm definitely digging the Monkey Farts a little more. Now back to the extremely dirty laundry. Rob decided he was going to extend our back patio. So he's been slaving away for the past two days excavating and laying paver stones. It's coming along very well and is almost complete. He just needs to finish a few details and sweep the sand into the cracks (or whatever that's called). Anyway, he's spent the last two days in 90 degree Alabama heat wearing long pants (to protect his knees). Let's just say I've never seen such dirty, sweaty clothes before. I am happy to report that these clothes are now outside drying on my new clothesline, clean as can be, and smelling like some monkey's farted on them! If Crunchy Clean can get those clothes clean, I think I might be hooked :) Check out their website here

Next fabric swatches for the baby bedding that I ordered from Javis Davis have arrived! Here they are in their pretty little packages. 

Originally I was set on wanting to have a "vintage theme" and (mostly) gender neutral nursery so that we could reuse main items for our next few kids. Then I saw some really cute & funky bedding on the Land of Nod website and started to fall in love with the idea of doing more of a funky eclectic theme. However, after seeing these adorable fabric swatches I think I've gone back to my original idea of "vintage". Normally custom made bedding would completely be out of our budget, but since we plan on having at least 2 more kiddos I think we'll get our moneys worth. I'm not 100% certain but I believe the winner will be...

Over the Moon Pastel!

We do plan on ordering our crib, swivel glider, and (possibly) dresser from Land of Nod. I've requested wood & fabric swatches for these items which should arrive early next week. I want to make sure that all the colors work well together before we finalize anything. What I'm thinking however is using the main fabric (in the center) for the outside of the bumper and bumper ties with the green/white polkadot pattern (top left) for the inside of the bumper. Then using the multicolor strip (2nd from top left) for the crib skirt. For window treatments I'm thinking of ordering some extra fabric and making them myself. I'm thinking of doing a valance across the top of the window in the green/white polkadot (top left) and adding some of that funky trim with the soft balls to the bottom. Then using the 3rd fabric down on the left which is a solid green with a diamond pattern stitched into it to make drapes to flank each side of the window. On the bottom of these I thought it would look nice to use the multicolor stripe (2nd from top left) for the last 10-12 inches or so of the drapes. I know that you are utterly confused right now...and so am I. Check out Nesting Place (a blog that I highly admire) for an idea of what I'm talking about...she calls them "mistreatments". 

And because I know you all care so much about our nursery (NOT!) here's the furniture we'll probably order...


Dresser (will also double as a changing table)

Glider - in Godiva (dark brown/chocolate)

I could go on all day (which I already have) about my "big" plans for this room. Unfortunately I've got to get busy on this...

....studying for my Spanish test tomorrow :( School just started on Tuesday, and we already have a test!?!  The joys of summer semester! At least this is my last college course EVER...I will finally be graduating with a BA in History (a useless degree) after this class is completed!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Simple Pleasures...

In my attempt to be more "green" I asked Rob to hang my clothesline up along the backside of our fence. I have really been enjoying taking our clothes out to dry on the makes me feel all domestic! It also brings back so many memories of the clothesline my mother used to use when I was younger, and I love how the clothes smell when they're dry. On Saturday I ordered a sample of Crunchy Clean laundry soap from a fellow nestie which has received rave reviews so far. Hopefully it works as good as everyone says as I've been trying to find a more eco-friendly detergent. And I love supporting WAHMs and others who handmake unique goods. 

Photos of Miss Macy!

Here are some pics of my first meeting with my niece Macy Rose. These were taken during my trip home in early May. My sister sent these to me a couple days ago and now I am missing Macy terribly! It won't be long till I have my own to love on though!

My mother, me & Macy

So sweet!

My mother, me, my sister, & Macy

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's a Boy!

Rob & I had our big ultrasound today and found out we're having a healthy baby boy! We are so excited. Now we're trying to pick out a name, however, we will be keeping it a secret from everyone till the big day arrives....hey something has to be a surprise, right!?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Feast Your Eyes on This!

Check out this scrumptious apple crisp pie I thrilled my hubby with yesterday...please note the beautiful "basket weave" top (my first try!)

I made this using my grandmothers fabulous "Perfect Pie Crust" recipe, fresh apples, and topping it with apple crisp mix...sorry I don't remember the brand name, but it comes in a package that has a red/white checkered pattern on it. Oh yeah and it's the one in the plastic package, NOT the brand that comes in a box (they're completely different)! 

Oh and just for fun, some pics of my fabulous weenie!


I'm baaack!

After much reconsideration I've decided to not abandon my blog. I've got a lot of catching up to do however, since so many things have happened in the 3 months since my last post. It will probably take me a few days and multiple posts to get things up to date, although I'm fairly certain not many people read this, rather it is for my own enjoyment :)
It's hard to remember everything that has happened over the last few months, but here are some of the main events that I can remember off the top of my head...

-a visit from Rob's parents in which we revealed our exciting news. They are VERY excited to be expecting their first grandchild.

-my sister's baby shower, given by myself and our mother....but more importantly the birth of my niece, Macy Rose! Pictures to follow!

-a very tough and long awaited decision by Rob and I to NOT move home to Ohio, but rather wait until Rob's job contract is up in 11 months...when we will more than likely be hightailing it back to the land of the Buckeyes. 

-our friends, Justin & Britni's, lovely wedding where we had a blast....even if I couldn't enjoy the wine with everyone else! Here are a few pics...

Rob & I outside at the reception

Us with Austin & his girlfriend Melissa

Austin, Justin (the groom), & Rob

-a much awaited visit by Rob's brother, Steve and his girlfriend last week.

Of course much more has happened, but these are the main events I can recall off the top of my head. We are also anxiously awaiting our BIG ULTRASOUND tomorrow in which we'll (hopefully) find out if we're having a son or daughter!!! I will definitely be posting tomorrow with this exciting news!