Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Party Boys

I know I'm biased but how stinking cute are these two?!? I love everything about this picture....including the tightie whities :) 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Snow Tracks

Did anyone see this video?

Rob showed it to me last night and we were dying laughing. We had our own episode of "snow" in our house about a month ago. Early one morning Rob noticed that Brady was playing unusually quietly in the office and when he checked on him this is what he found....

"Snow Tracks"

"Snow Tracks" as Brady referred to them. He had gotten the coffee mate off the kitchen counter and emptied the whole can on his train tracks. All we could do at that point was laugh and let him play in them. It sure did keep him entertained for a while. I vacuumed up the mess a few hours later. I am SO glad the mess was contained to just one area! Can you imagine how long it probably took that poor mom to clean her house?!?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Playing catch up - I figure I'll start with Halloween, since it's still kinda fresh in my memory. This year Brady was a UPS man and Carson made his Halloween debut (obviously) dressed as Winnie the Pooh. I had great plans to construct a UPS truck out of a cardboard box around Carson's stroller and let him be the "driver", but I don't know who I think I'm kidding with these big plans of mine. I never have time to actually do any of them.

Similar idea to this (via pinterest)

Pinned Image

In the end, it didn't really matter because the weather ended up being cooler than anticipated and Carson was fussy and cried almost the entire way through trick-or-treating. None of that stopped Brady though. That boy is a trick-or-treating machine! We actually decided to leave our neighborhood this year and mooched off of a friend of mine's neighbors instead. She invited our family over for a pre-trick-or-treating rendezvous and we decided to stay for all the festivities. Brady is already telling me that he want's to be a "steam engine" for next year. Yikes, that one might take some creativity on my part!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello.....Anybody Still There???

Every single day I log on to my blog simply to check by blogroll and I have a little conversation with myself that goes something like this...

me: Audrey, you really should start blogging again
myself: why bother??? So I can write a post or two then take another 5 month hiatus?
me: you need to keep up with these memories. Time is flying by way too fast.
myself: I just don't have time to commit to anything anymore. There's no point.

You see, that incredibly cute 8 MONTH OLD (what?!?) is still using me as a human pacifier. And he's teething. And when I actually do get a brief (I mean very brief) break from him his older brother is usually crawling on top of me or begging me to play trains with him. And seriously, how can I resist???

Ok, I lie. I resist probably more than I should. But I really don't have a lot of time or energy for much anymore. This two kid thing keeps me much busier than I thought it would. Especially now that Carson is crawling and getting into everything. I was extremely proud of myself today for just making it to church and getting the dishwasher unloaded. I am going to try and start posting again, but I'm sure it will be sporadic. Our family is about to undergo some major changes in the next few weeks/months and even though it is sure to be a crazy, busy, stressful life change we are thrilled about it and I don't want to forget these precious moments in our lives!