Monday, December 27, 2010

December 2010

This month.......

We had breakfast with Santa at our church (and Brady was surprisingly well-behaved).

Rob bought a new (to us) truck. And I have completely neglected to take any pictures of it yet, except for this one of Brady in the backseat and becoming more and more frustrated by all my picture taking.

We went in search of the perfect Christmas tree...

and found it.

Brady supervised....

and threw around old tree stumps.

Carson and I took absolutely no part in any type of manual labor except for picture taking....

which Brady was totally annoyed by.

Until he saw the "train" go by and thought he was being left behind.

We're not that mean though. He was in heaven, although I'm sure the passengers that sat around us could have done without the train noise "sound effects" Brady was screaming while we waited to depart. 

Brady's Mom's Day Out class had their Christmas party.

And they all wore their reindeer t-shirts (made out of their hand and foot prints).

Which I neglected to get a clear picture of.

But take my word for it, they were the cutest t-shirts I've ever seen. I actually got tears in my eyes when he brought it home in his bag a few days before the party. 

And then Christmas morning came. And we were completely spoiled by our families...

What do you mean I have to write Thank You notes???

Then our friends Justin, Britni and Noah came over for dinner Christmas evening.

Brady and Noah exchanged gifts....

and of course Brady had to "help" Noah unwrap his (Brady was an expert at unwrapping by this point in the day).

We had a yummy dinner prepared by the fabulous Honeybaked Ham Company :)

Some of my goodies I received from Rob and my mom.

Overall, we had a great Christmas! The only thing that would have made it better would have been to spend it with family....we missed you! 

And one last picture of me. I had to ask Rob to take a picture of me pregnant (29 weeks).  I have so many pics of me pregnant with Brady, but hardly any this time around. 

We are leaving for a short trip to Atlanta this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to it. The last time we took a trip there was when we decided to start "trying" for a baby. Three months later I got pregnant with Brady. We are planning on doing some shopping at my favorite mall - Lenox Mall - shopping at Ikea, and taking Brady to the Georgia Aquarium and possibly the children's museum as well. We are staying at a really nice place too with a large indoor pool which I'm sure Brady will love :) 

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Etsy Love

I can't seem to stop buying stuff for Carson! Check out these adorable items I have recently purchased from different sellers on Etsy. Note: I haven't received any of them yet, but I have high hopes that all will be just as cute in real life :)

Fabric Banner - Sparkle Power

ABC Print - Sweet William


And my favorite....Beautiful "play" quilt - Lemon Tree Lane Quilts

I absolutely cannot wait to start putting this sweet baby's nursery together. I am waiting on the bedding I ordered for Brady's room to arrive so we can get his "big boy room" together first, then I can move all the nursery furniture to our other bedroom and start working on Carson's room. 

I had a doctor's appointment last week and another ultrasound. I am so happy that my placenta has moved to where it's supposed to be, so placenta previa is no longer an issue! The bad news is that they still could not find Carson's left kidney. So I have an appointment scheduled in January with a high-risk OB for another ultrasound to look for it closer. Sounds scarier than it is though. I'm really not concerned about him only having one - as long as that one is functioning well. What I am more concerned about is knowing that if they have detected this problem that there may be another more serious problem elsewhere that either isn't detectable or hasn't been detected yet. Hopefully though the other doctor I'm going to see will do a more thorough scan and reassure me. Another possibility is that the kidney isn't at all missing, just "misplaced". He will be evaluated by a urologist and have an ultrasound performed after birth to find out. Another mom in our Mom's Bible Study at church told me a few weeks ago this is the case with her son - his kidneys are fully functioning, just not in the exact spot they should be in.