Monday, June 21, 2010

Bye Bye Stress....

Well, not completely. I've still got a couple things hanging over my head. Mainly a baby shower I am helping host at our house this coming Saturday for my sweet friend Britni. But that will be over soon and, hopefully my life will be back to normal :)

We had a great time in Destin. No oil was spotted, but things may have changed by now. Brady had a great time and we were so thankful to be able to visit with some friends we hadn't seen since last summer. We are home now and  my new little friend has arrived. I'm still transferring files from my old computer and trying to get everything organized on the new one the way I want it. Oh yeah and I've already had to use the little CDs they send with it to do a complete factory restore (or whatever the heck it's called). I screwed it up the first day. Actually, I wouldn't have screwed it up if their instructions had been more clear about migrating data from your old computer using your Time Machine backup. BUT, I'm trying not to relive the stress that incident caused me:)

Then after all that I got sick. All sorts of crazy stuff going on. But I went to the doc and she suspected I might have Mono. What??? The mean lady drew my blood and everything. After harassing their office for the past few days, my results finally came back today and thankfully they were negative. I am starting to feel a little better, but still some crazy stuff going on. 

Here are a few more of my favorite pics from our trip. You (should) be able to see the rest here, in my facebook album. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meet My New Friend

Technically we haven't met yet. But we will be very soon. Sometime between June 15 - June 19 to be exact. It is being configured to our specifications as we speak. Sorry about the tiny picture. I just googled it and stole the first one I found. I'm too lazy (nor do I think my current computer will hold up long enough) to find a larger one.

I'm still feeling guilty over this purchase. We did look into a refurbished Mac after Mama Rhyne suggested it in a previous comment. But we ultimately decided on a new one. Rob is the best. I think he might be a little more excited about this purchase than I am. I'm not sure if it's because we're getting a new computer or because this means we'll clean off the laptop so it works properly and he can have it all to himself. 

This does mean he won't be building a shed anytime in the immediate future. At least not until we replenish our savings account. But I did suggest that he buy himself one of those new iphone thingies that are coming out at the end of this month. His old one is just about toast anyway. And I also agreed to his request that we drive over the Destin, Fl this weekend to visit some old friends that will be vacationing there. Hey, if spending a couple days at the beach makes the man happy and takes away some of my guilt, WHO AM I TO COMPLAIN! To be perfectly honest though, I didn't really want to go. Chasing the world's palest 19month old around in the hot sand doesn't really appeal to me. But Rob found us a small little condo (complete with 80's furniture) that has a pool for a ridiculously low price, thanks to the Gulf Oil Spill. So that's where we'll be Thurs-Sat. Hopefully that computer arrives soon after we get home because I know I'll be itching to upload some photos. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dancing in the Kitchen

Brady & I had an impromptu dance session in the kitchen yesterday afternoon. Actually we have these quite often - usually when he starts getting in a crabby mood and I need a way to cheer him up. He LOVES to dance. He will dance to any type of music whether he hears it in church, on the radio or even a commercial on tv. These are a little blury and out of focus because Rob was taking them and we were moving all over the place.

I had about 10 more I wanted to share (there are some really cute ones), but we are having major computer issues and I'm very lucky I was even able to upload these. I wasn't able to edit the last one, that's why it doesn't look the same as the other two.

(Sometimes he will grab me by the neck and pull me close to him so tightly for a kiss and won't let go!)

I've decided I have got to make more of an effort to ask Rob to take more pictures of Brady & I together. 98% of my pictures are of Brady by himself or of Rob & Brady together. I'm never in any because I'm always the one taking them (or I just don't want to be in them because I think I look bad that day). But someday I know I'm going to regret not having any of the two of us together. 

Back to our computer problems - I think the time has come to upgrade. Too bad my dream computer would end up costing us over $3000! I really want a 27in Mac with a bunch of upgraded memory, storage, etc. When we bought our current macbook 3 years ago I didn't own a nice camera and we didn't have a kid to take 100 pictures of every day so we bought the lowest end model they had. The problem now is that my computer keeps giving me a message about my startup disk being full. And it will also suddenly shut down an application (like when I'm trying to edit a pic) out of nowhere. It's also becoming really slow. 

Rob agrees that we need a new one, but I'm having a really hard time with this because I feel so guilty! He is really wanting to build a shed in our back yard to be able to move all the lawn/garage junk into. But this computer would cost more than the shed. And I always get all the fun stuff (computer, camera, sewing machine, etc.). Seriously I have a great husband. He'll let me buy pretty much whatever I want. He hasn't gotten a new toy since I can't even remember. I feel like he needs to have some fun/buy something for himself before I get what I want. So I've got a major case of Wife Guilt right now. 

Anyway, my blog might be slow again - or at least minimal pictures for a while - until we figure out what to do. 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mom Clothes

Nineteen + months have passed since I became a mother and I must admit I have really been struggling with what I should be wearing. First it was the nursing dilemma, where every top I wore had to have "easy access". Then came the "muffin top" situation which I'm still somewhat dealing with. And now my problem is this darn heat and an active toddler who loves to be outside. I need some clothes I can sweat my butt off in, toss in the wash, and keep all my jiggly parts contained:) And without looking like an unkept mom who doesn't take any pride in her appearance. I would still like to be a little stylish. Some days I get so frustrated and then I get sad that I don't get to dress up on a daily basis like the rest of the working world does. Most days (like today) I don't even have time to take a shower in the morning. I get about 15 minutes to, dress, wash my face, put on mascara, and sprinkle a dab of baby powder on my scalp to absorb the grease from yesterday! Sounds yummy!

So today, I caved. While thinking about this problem over the past few weeks, I've come to the realization that at this stage of my life "active wear" might be the best solution for my everyday "mom uniform". I really don't like this, because I've always thought workout clothes should be reserved for working out. I never understood when some of my friends would by "cute" sneakers, NOT meant for working out in. I've always been my happiest in a good fitting pair of jeans, a cute top, and nice shoes with a small heel. That still sounds good for going out to dinner, but it doesn't work so well chasing Brady around the playground or at mommy & me gymnastics!

I recently discovered Athleta website (owned by Gap). And this afternoon I ordered 2 tops and a pair of bermuda shorts. Please don't remind me that they look like sweatpants - at least they are stylish sweatpants. Hopefully when the weather cools off around here (probably not till December!) I won't be as frustrated by all this. Or maybe I will have come to terms with my new wardrobe by that point in time:)

Here's what I bought...

They're not too bad, right?? {{crickets}}
Just don't laugh at me when you run into me in the grocery store.