Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dancing in the Kitchen

Brady & I had an impromptu dance session in the kitchen yesterday afternoon. Actually we have these quite often - usually when he starts getting in a crabby mood and I need a way to cheer him up. He LOVES to dance. He will dance to any type of music whether he hears it in church, on the radio or even a commercial on tv. These are a little blury and out of focus because Rob was taking them and we were moving all over the place.

I had about 10 more I wanted to share (there are some really cute ones), but we are having major computer issues and I'm very lucky I was even able to upload these. I wasn't able to edit the last one, that's why it doesn't look the same as the other two.

(Sometimes he will grab me by the neck and pull me close to him so tightly for a kiss and won't let go!)

I've decided I have got to make more of an effort to ask Rob to take more pictures of Brady & I together. 98% of my pictures are of Brady by himself or of Rob & Brady together. I'm never in any because I'm always the one taking them (or I just don't want to be in them because I think I look bad that day). But someday I know I'm going to regret not having any of the two of us together. 

Back to our computer problems - I think the time has come to upgrade. Too bad my dream computer would end up costing us over $3000! I really want a 27in Mac with a bunch of upgraded memory, storage, etc. When we bought our current macbook 3 years ago I didn't own a nice camera and we didn't have a kid to take 100 pictures of every day so we bought the lowest end model they had. The problem now is that my computer keeps giving me a message about my startup disk being full. And it will also suddenly shut down an application (like when I'm trying to edit a pic) out of nowhere. It's also becoming really slow. 

Rob agrees that we need a new one, but I'm having a really hard time with this because I feel so guilty! He is really wanting to build a shed in our back yard to be able to move all the lawn/garage junk into. But this computer would cost more than the shed. And I always get all the fun stuff (computer, camera, sewing machine, etc.). Seriously I have a great husband. He'll let me buy pretty much whatever I want. He hasn't gotten a new toy since I can't even remember. I feel like he needs to have some fun/buy something for himself before I get what I want. So I've got a major case of Wife Guilt right now. 

Anyway, my blog might be slow again - or at least minimal pictures for a while - until we figure out what to do. 

Have a great weekend!


Momma Rhyne said...

So cute!! My 2 year old does the wont let go kiss too, it's so sweet!
And have you check out refurbished Macs online from the macstore? They come with warranties and everything. My hubby got his MacBook pro that way and LOVES it!

Erin said...

these pictures are SOOO Cute. That one if him kissing you is STUNNING, ADORABLE AND AMAZING :) How stinking cute is he!