Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meet My New Friend

Technically we haven't met yet. But we will be very soon. Sometime between June 15 - June 19 to be exact. It is being configured to our specifications as we speak. Sorry about the tiny picture. I just googled it and stole the first one I found. I'm too lazy (nor do I think my current computer will hold up long enough) to find a larger one.

I'm still feeling guilty over this purchase. We did look into a refurbished Mac after Mama Rhyne suggested it in a previous comment. But we ultimately decided on a new one. Rob is the best. I think he might be a little more excited about this purchase than I am. I'm not sure if it's because we're getting a new computer or because this means we'll clean off the laptop so it works properly and he can have it all to himself. 

This does mean he won't be building a shed anytime in the immediate future. At least not until we replenish our savings account. But I did suggest that he buy himself one of those new iphone thingies that are coming out at the end of this month. His old one is just about toast anyway. And I also agreed to his request that we drive over the Destin, Fl this weekend to visit some old friends that will be vacationing there. Hey, if spending a couple days at the beach makes the man happy and takes away some of my guilt, WHO AM I TO COMPLAIN! To be perfectly honest though, I didn't really want to go. Chasing the world's palest 19month old around in the hot sand doesn't really appeal to me. But Rob found us a small little condo (complete with 80's furniture) that has a pool for a ridiculously low price, thanks to the Gulf Oil Spill. So that's where we'll be Thurs-Sat. Hopefully that computer arrives soon after we get home because I know I'll be itching to upload some photos. 


Erin said...

you will love that computer! I am on it right now and I love love love it. It is amazing and I love my mac!

Momma Rhyne said...

Awesome... saving up to buy my hubby one, but refurb, lol.

Stephen said...

I'm saving to buy a Macbook pro... they are nice! congrats