Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Saw this over at one of my favorite blogs - Too Many Kids in the Bathtub.

Makes me sick. We've been doing a lot better at keeping the TV off more in our house (we used to keep it on ALL day long!) but with Brady being sick, the construction, and it being cold outside we have definitely watched (and let Brady watch) a little too much this past week. And I know I FOR SURE spend AT LEAST 2 hours/day on the internet. I disgust myself. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pardon my Absence...

I've had a lot I've wanted to post about lately including the SNOW we received! However, I'm having some computer issues. Apparently I've used up all the storage space on my hard drive. Not sure what to do about that. My Macbook is only 2 years old (aka - ANCIENT!). I've been wanting to replace it with a fancy new iMac, but our funds are currently running low because of this crazy floor project we've been working on...speaking of which they are all done and look fabulous! Yipee! We've been working on baseboards and will be painting soon and sewing new curtains. We also bought a couple of nice rugs, still looking for the right one for the office though. Hopefully I'll have pics of the finished product soon! That is if my computer cooperates!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's 2010

Be jealous of very jealous of me. Because my husband rocks! I just got these beauties delivered a short while ago.....

.......with this note attached.

????Dinner? What? I thought I was cooking chicken sandwiches tonight. That's nothing exciting. What's he talking about? 

So I call him at work and he has arranged for Justin & Britni to come babysit for us tonight so we can go to Felix's!!! My favorite restaurant. Yum! I'm already salivating thinking about the filet mignon! THANK YOU SO MUCH JUSTIN & BRITNI! We haven't had a date night since I don't know when (maybe when we made the trip to B-ham back in August?) I really don't remember! We will definitely pay you back once your little one arrives! And thank you to my parents because I'm sure we'll be using the gift card you gave Rob for his b-day! I'm really so excited about this. 

A few days ago I made this half-eaten heart shaped V-day cake using Meg's (from Whatever) rainbow cake idea. Target had those silicone heart shaped cake pan's on sale for $2 a piece so I bought a few. I had to use a box cake mix though & I think it's kinda dry. Although not dry enough to avoid eating it! I need to find a good "scratch" vanilla/white cake recipe. Anyone have any they want to share? Here is an awesome chocolate one - I make this all the time, so yummy!

Also, I picked this balloon up for Brady at Walmart a few days ago. He's always grabbing at balloons and store displays wherever we go. It was only $2, plus it has Elmo on it. Can't beat that right? Anyway, he loves the darn thing. I think I'm going to have to get him a balloon on a weekly basis. Three days later and he's still running around with it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Funny Story

We don't normally let Brady run around the house naked but tonight after Rob gave him his bath he ran out of the bathroom into the kitchen where I was. Of course I instantly grabbed the camera to take pictures of my cute little "nakie" baby (yes, I'm that mom!). I was snapping away when suddenly Rob yelled and jumped over me with a towel in hand. I didn't even realize he was PEEING on my dishwasher! We had a good little laugh over this one. This picture will go down in history. 

Some of Brady's Favorite Things

Playing with Daddy's camping lantern

Wearing Mama's workout headbands (and throwing fits when he doesn't get what he wants!)

Playing with the dryer light

Smashing his face against windows and tupperware

Wearing (and walking in) everybody's shoes. Daddy gets upset though when he put on Mama's high heels!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


OK, so we're normally screaming Who Dey cheering on our Cincy Bengals, BUT tonight we will be cheering for the Saints and for our friend from high school Zach Strief (#64)! We are so excited to actually know a player in the big game! He is a super friendly all around great guy. Check out his foundation here.

Go Saints and Big Z!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010


I realized I haven't posted any pictures of Brady lately so these are for you mom! We gave Brady his 2nd haircut a few weeks ago - just using the clippers. We sat him in the high chair and gave him a cracker to entertain him and keep him still. He did really good! Of course daddy thought the best way to clean him up afterwards was to vacuum him off. Genius idea, Dear!

The Chaos Continues

Today Rob planned on finishing laying the wood in our foyer and the small hallway. He tore out the carpet and baseboards. But when he went to Home Depot to buy the little metal strip he needed to put down where the wood transitions into the carpet they didn't have any more. The only place that still has them in stock is a store in Florida. That's an hour and a half drive from here :( Not quite sure what his plans are for that now.

Last night I was invited by some friends to Dream Dinners. Has anyone heard of this before? I had a lot of fun and made 12 different meals. We're eating our 1st one tonight....Crispy Southwest Lasagna. Hopefully it's yummy and hopefully it saves me lots of time!

I realize I may be the worlds worst blogger. We've had so much going on between our flooring/redecorating project and staying busy with Brady and his activities. I really need to get better with documenting what is going on in our lives since I'm way too lazy to break out the scrapbooking supplies! I need to make it more of a priority to record these memories before they slip away and I forget them!