Sunday, December 21, 2008

2 Months Old!

I can't believe it. Brady turned 2 months old yesterday. He's already laughing and smiling all the time and is starting to become interested in toys. Of course he can't really play with them yet, but he loves to stare at them when you hold them in front of his face. Justin & Britni got him an adorable puppy dog toy thingy that plays music when you pull a cord and he always giggles at. It's so cute. 

What's that, do I smell a rat? Why yes, we DID smell a rat. Feast your eyes on this madman. Rob found him hiding under one of our garbage cans. Thankfully he had already decided to pass on to the underworld so Rob didn't have to do the dirty work. A few days ago Rob came in the house and told me he thought we had a mouse/rat problem and was going to the store to buy something to kill it. He had found critter poop in our garage and was determined to find the source. The day before this I had noticed an unpleasant stench in the garage, but Rob tried to blame me for it and said that I didn't rinse out a milk jug that was in the recycling bin....I ALWAYS rinse out the milk jugs. Anyway, when he got home from the store he was cleaning out the garage and moved one of the garbage cans and was greeted by this lovely creature.

We're not sure if it really is a rat or just a large field mouse. I kind think it's a giant mouse given the fuzziness of its fur (don't you just want to cuddle up next to it?), but it's long tail is awfully rat-like. I'm probably the only wife in America that ran out into the garage holding her 2month old baby with childlike excitement ready to see the goods when Rob announced to me that he found him, and then I felt a little sad for him. It probably had something to do with the 3 pet mice I had as a child. Yes, they were in a cage (when they hadn't escaped). Unfortunately my mother committed homicide when she "accidently" left their cage in the garage (because they smelled so bad) and forgot to bring them back in during the frigid cold winter. Lets just say they became 3 very stiff mice. 

By the way, Britni, I know you probably just puked a little in your mouth while reading this!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Message From Frank

Hello, mom's friends. My name is Frank and I don't get a lot of attention anymore. A new person has come to live at my house and I've been getting ignored and yelled at a lot lately. Mom and Dad always apologize, but my feelings still get hurt. I thought I would take the opportunity to steal the limelight for a moment to make myself feel better. 

My buddy Jackson invited me to list 6 random facts about myself. I understand Jackson gets in trouble a lot also. His mommy is Britni, who is also one of my mom's friends. 

First here are the rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog. 
3. Share 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag 6 random people by linking to their blog at the end of this post.
5. Let each random person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. 

Here goes:

1. I know English, seriously. Don't ever ask me if I "wanna go" anywhere or mention anything about food, dinner, treat, snack, etc. unless you're serious. In fact don't even tell me YOU'RE gonna go" somewhere unless you plan on taking me with you.

2. I can also read body language. When mom is going to take me to the park, I know exactly where we are going as soon as she starts to get dressed, even without her saying a word to me. Sometimes she is cruel and goes to the gym instead, allowing me to get excited for no reason. I'll cry at the door when she leaves because I think she went to the park without me. 

3. I have to get my butt squeezed about once a month. It's really pretty gross, but kinda fun to talk about. A couple of times mom and dad didn't take me soon enough and I left them presents on the couch and their bed. Fun times!

4. Mom and dad like to torture me by dressing me up in silly costumes, make me sit still, and then point, laugh and take pictures of me. It's no wonder I don't have a girlfriend....or maybe it's because they had my balls chopped off?

5. I've got mom and dad wrapped around my paw. They let me sleep with them every night even though mom really doesn't want me in bed with her anymore, but I know she'll feel guilty if she kicks me out. And since she stopped giving me enough love when my baby brother came home from the hospital I know she'll never take away my bed privileges. 

6. I love to eat mom's underware. It's my dirty little secret. But I'll only eat them when they're dirty. I don't care about dad's undies or mom's clean undies. I also love socks and dirty burp cloths, but nothing beats a nice pair of undies. Mom has had to buy an entire new underware wardrobe since I came into her life. And then I make her go out back and pick up piles of poo with colorful pieces of cotton in it. 

Since I'm a lonely and unloved dog, I don't have many friends. So I will only tag my buddy Zippy at the Wonderful World of Wessel. I would tag my best friend and cousin George, but his mommy doesn't have a blog...maybe she should start one? 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Loves of My Life...

My hot husband and my adorable child. 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Where to Start

I know it has been forever since my last post. It is so hard to find the time to log on here and write. Even when I do have the time all I want to do is sleep! Well, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My sister, Devin, flew down to spend a few days with us and it was so nice to have her here. She helped me so much...she even got up in the middle of the night to do one of Brady's feedings! Brady was so well behaved while she was here too. But as soon as she left all hell broke lose again and he turned into a monster for a few days. So far today has been great, but this little booger is so unpredictable, you never know when he's going to turn! While Devin was here we took him to Portrait Innovations and had Christmas and his 1 month pictures taken. They turned out well, for what we paid. But next time, I'd really like to hire a professional photographer to take some more creative pics. 

Brady with Aunt Devin

Brady's 1st time going to church

Yesterday, we went and got our Christmas tree. I am so excited because we decided to get a live tree this year instead of putting up our fake one. Our house smells so good right now because of it. I'm hoping I can talk Rob into getting another one next year. It shouldn't be too hard, he seems to really like the live one. Anyway we just got done decorating it while Brady napped in his swing next to the tree. We're going to go run some errands when he wakes up. 

For those of you wondering, my sister's baby, Macy, had her CT scan and they believe everything is fine. She had a little extra fluid, but they don't think it is any big deal since she is hitting all her milestone like she should be. They just want to continue monitoring her head growth monthly until everything evens out. And thankfully the health scare with my brother-in-law turned out to be nothing. He's had some issues with kidney stones in his past and during this last episode the doctors did an MRI. When they sent him the results they said they suspected he had colon cancer. This of course upset everyone, but as it turns out, they sent him someone elses paperwork! After everything got straightened out, it turns out he is fine. 

Now, I was saving the best news for last....

Most of you already know that we've been wanting and trying to move home to Cincinnati for a while now. Rob's boss came into his pharmacy on Friday and told him that since they have a couple extra pharmacists in the region that he could leave (and get out of his contract early with no problems) any time he wanted! He said he could leave tomorrow if he liked. So the only thing keeping us down here now is needing to sell our house! I *almost* wish it wasn't Christmas time so we could put our house on the market this week. But since no one really buys homes over the holidays we're still going to wait and list it the 1st week of January. We do have a realtor coming over on Wednesday though to take a look around and talk numbers! Wish us luck! Hopefully we'll be moving sooner than we thought! 

Brady with a boob pad on his head!