Sunday, December 21, 2008

2 Months Old!

I can't believe it. Brady turned 2 months old yesterday. He's already laughing and smiling all the time and is starting to become interested in toys. Of course he can't really play with them yet, but he loves to stare at them when you hold them in front of his face. Justin & Britni got him an adorable puppy dog toy thingy that plays music when you pull a cord and he always giggles at. It's so cute. 

What's that, do I smell a rat? Why yes, we DID smell a rat. Feast your eyes on this madman. Rob found him hiding under one of our garbage cans. Thankfully he had already decided to pass on to the underworld so Rob didn't have to do the dirty work. A few days ago Rob came in the house and told me he thought we had a mouse/rat problem and was going to the store to buy something to kill it. He had found critter poop in our garage and was determined to find the source. The day before this I had noticed an unpleasant stench in the garage, but Rob tried to blame me for it and said that I didn't rinse out a milk jug that was in the recycling bin....I ALWAYS rinse out the milk jugs. Anyway, when he got home from the store he was cleaning out the garage and moved one of the garbage cans and was greeted by this lovely creature.

We're not sure if it really is a rat or just a large field mouse. I kind think it's a giant mouse given the fuzziness of its fur (don't you just want to cuddle up next to it?), but it's long tail is awfully rat-like. I'm probably the only wife in America that ran out into the garage holding her 2month old baby with childlike excitement ready to see the goods when Rob announced to me that he found him, and then I felt a little sad for him. It probably had something to do with the 3 pet mice I had as a child. Yes, they were in a cage (when they hadn't escaped). Unfortunately my mother committed homicide when she "accidently" left their cage in the garage (because they smelled so bad) and forgot to bring them back in during the frigid cold winter. Lets just say they became 3 very stiff mice. 

By the way, Britni, I know you probably just puked a little in your mouth while reading this!


Anonymous said...

Audrey - I thinks that's definitly an ALABAMA RAT. Sorry about the homicide. Mom

Sarah said...

You always post the funniest things--I love laughing while I'm at work!! Can't wait til you move back-Addison needs a boyfriend :)

Anonymous said...

AUDREY!! I was scared to scroll down the page! I am glad that Brady likes his new toy! Hope you and your family have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! See you when we return from our holiday travels!