Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shopping Spree

I seem to have gone on a bit of a shopping frenzy lately. Rob (jokingly) keeps asking me if I'm going through some sort of depression because of everything I've been buying or talking about wanting to buy. I'm normally a bit of a tightwad, so for me to buy this many things for myself in one week is very rare. Here are my latest purchases.....

Beautiful linen flower pin from Emersonmade

Skincare Brush

Clarisonic skincare brush. I've been wanting one of these for months now and even told Rob to buy it for me for Christmas. But Sephora was having their annual Friends and Family discount with 20% off in addition to free shipping and I just couldn't pass it up. My skin has been terrible for the past couple years and has only worsened with this pregnancy. 

Some new maternity clothes.....sorry the Loft's website will not allow me to copy the pictures so you'll have to click on the links.

I found a promotional code online for 25% off your entire purchase plus they were giving free shipping on orders over $100.

But the largest purchase of all was not my idea. We have decided to get satellite tv service back after living off our antenna for the past 5 months. I would be lying if I said I wasn't tickled about this. There are so many shows I've been wanting to see, especially on TLC. We are supposed to have it installed on Friday. Upon deciding that we were going to get "cable" back in our house I gently suggested to Rob that we purchase another small TV for our bedroom (we gave our last one to Goodwill a couple years ago, because it did nothing but collect dust - we had acquired it when a bank I used to work for closed down and my manager told me I could take it from the breakroom). Anyway, the keyword in that last sentence was small. Instead, after some squabbling from me and a couple of trips to Walmart to return other TVs, my husband brought home this....
A 32" TV that is as big as the mirror we currently have hanging above the dresser. Having this TV sit in front of that mirror now looks ridiculous. More than likely this eyesore will be hanging in it's place by the end of the week. Our bedroom is way too small for this type of display and I personally think it will be tacky, but I digress. I'm tired of bickering over it. I'll let the man have his ugly TV. He did, however, suggest that I buy myself the pair of Anthropologie boots that I've been coveting for the past few weeks to make up for it......

Bowtied-Beauty Boots

(aren't they adorable?)

but I just can't bring myself to spend $250 on a pair of shoes I'm scared won't fit my feet after this child is born (my feet seem to have mysteriously grown a 1/2 inch since my last pregnancy and I'm worried it may happen again!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big Boy Room Inspiration

Now, that Brady is officially a big boy and has already transitioned out of his crib (well, technically he's still in it, but using it as a toddler bed) I need to start making plans for his big boy room. We plan on moving all the nursery furniture into the new nursery for the baby, leaving Brady empty handed :) Not really though. We already have a twin sized mattress/box springs for him and my childhood dresser, which is in very good condition - but I want to paint it. I also found a cheap headboard for the bed at a consignment sale for $20 over a year ago. Rob was not too happy with me when I showed up with that purchase, but I think he will be happy now that it will finally get used. I want to paint it a fun color as well.

We already have crown molding and a chair rail installed in the room. I definitely want to change the paint colors. I'm so over the brown/blue combo that is currently there. I've heard good things about the new paintable beadboard wallpaper so I'm thinking I might give that a try. And after installing real beadboard in our master bath I have to say, I have NO desire to ever work with it again :)

I need to hurry up and get busy on this little project because I know once we find out the sex of this new baby on November 1st I won't be able to pull myself away from that room.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Birthday Boy

How have two whole years passed so quickly? I am still falling more and more in love with you every day. 

(doesn't Brady look like a garden knome here?)

Some recent things you have been up to lately.....

-saying "thank you" all the time, usually unprompted.

-asking to "cook", then getting a spatula or wooden spoon out of the drawer and flailing it around over the stove.

-you like to get your own silverware and dishes out of your drawer at mealtimes.

-opening the fridge and begging for grapes, cheese or milk

-sleeping in a toddler bed! (although we still have to put a baby gate in your doorway so that you don't wander through the house in the middle of the night)

-you weigh 36 pounds and are 37 inches tall and wear a size 3T-4T

-you are talking so much now and you even know a few letters and colors.

-you can count "two, three" - somehow you haven't quite grasped "one" yet though :)

-you absolutely adore Frank. He gets so many hugs and cuddles every day from you.

-we get many hugs from you daily as well and we adore them! You especially like to give them to us right after you have gotten in trouble for doing something naughty.....kiss up:) It kills me when I have to tell you I don't want your hug and you still have to go to time out. Secretly I want to cuddle you as much as I can and not punish you.

You have had a rough past two days though. I finally took you to the doctor Tuesday afternoon after your fever returned. It was fluctuating between 101-102 all day Monday and through the night, but went down on its own Tuesday morning. Unfortunately it returned that afternoon. The doctor said it is some sort of virus that usually lasts between 3-5 days and would clear up on it's own. Hopefully sooner than later. I hate for you to be sick on your birthday. Hopefully when Grandma and Grandpa Campbell arrive tomorrow they can cheer you up!