Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Birthday Boy

How have two whole years passed so quickly? I am still falling more and more in love with you every day. 

(doesn't Brady look like a garden knome here?)

Some recent things you have been up to lately.....

-saying "thank you" all the time, usually unprompted.

-asking to "cook", then getting a spatula or wooden spoon out of the drawer and flailing it around over the stove.

-you like to get your own silverware and dishes out of your drawer at mealtimes.

-opening the fridge and begging for grapes, cheese or milk

-sleeping in a toddler bed! (although we still have to put a baby gate in your doorway so that you don't wander through the house in the middle of the night)

-you weigh 36 pounds and are 37 inches tall and wear a size 3T-4T

-you are talking so much now and you even know a few letters and colors.

-you can count "two, three" - somehow you haven't quite grasped "one" yet though :)

-you absolutely adore Frank. He gets so many hugs and cuddles every day from you.

-we get many hugs from you daily as well and we adore them! You especially like to give them to us right after you have gotten in trouble for doing something naughty.....kiss up:) It kills me when I have to tell you I don't want your hug and you still have to go to time out. Secretly I want to cuddle you as much as I can and not punish you.

You have had a rough past two days though. I finally took you to the doctor Tuesday afternoon after your fever returned. It was fluctuating between 101-102 all day Monday and through the night, but went down on its own Tuesday morning. Unfortunately it returned that afternoon. The doctor said it is some sort of virus that usually lasts between 3-5 days and would clear up on it's own. Hopefully sooner than later. I hate for you to be sick on your birthday. Hopefully when Grandma and Grandpa Campbell arrive tomorrow they can cheer you up!


Britni said...

Happy Birthday Brady!!!

Grandma A said...

Happy Birthday sweet Brady. We love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope Brady has a special birthday! Hope he is feeling better!