Friday, December 3, 2010

Etsy Love

I can't seem to stop buying stuff for Carson! Check out these adorable items I have recently purchased from different sellers on Etsy. Note: I haven't received any of them yet, but I have high hopes that all will be just as cute in real life :)

Fabric Banner - Sparkle Power

ABC Print - Sweet William


And my favorite....Beautiful "play" quilt - Lemon Tree Lane Quilts

I absolutely cannot wait to start putting this sweet baby's nursery together. I am waiting on the bedding I ordered for Brady's room to arrive so we can get his "big boy room" together first, then I can move all the nursery furniture to our other bedroom and start working on Carson's room. 

I had a doctor's appointment last week and another ultrasound. I am so happy that my placenta has moved to where it's supposed to be, so placenta previa is no longer an issue! The bad news is that they still could not find Carson's left kidney. So I have an appointment scheduled in January with a high-risk OB for another ultrasound to look for it closer. Sounds scarier than it is though. I'm really not concerned about him only having one - as long as that one is functioning well. What I am more concerned about is knowing that if they have detected this problem that there may be another more serious problem elsewhere that either isn't detectable or hasn't been detected yet. Hopefully though the other doctor I'm going to see will do a more thorough scan and reassure me. Another possibility is that the kidney isn't at all missing, just "misplaced". He will be evaluated by a urologist and have an ultrasound performed after birth to find out. Another mom in our Mom's Bible Study at church told me a few weeks ago this is the case with her son - his kidneys are fully functioning, just not in the exact spot they should be in. 

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