Saturday, November 27, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!

I wanted to post a few pictures of Brady's visits from both sets of grandparents before I forget. We had a large birthday party for him last year in Ohio and I didn't really feel it was necessary to do that all over again this year. Instead Rob's parent's came to visit the weekend after his birthday and we had a very small party for him. Basically just pizza, cupcakes, balloons & presents. Justin, Britni & Noah joined us and Brady had a blast.

While Grandma & Grandpa Campbell were in town we also visited our church's pumpkin patch. Brady LOVED sticking his head through the Peanuts cartoon cutout.....Noah, not so much :)

Two weeks later my parents drove down for celebration #2. Brady had so much fun while they were here. He adores them. Plus they brought their dog, George (a blind yellow Lab), with them and Brady couldn't get enough of him. Thanks for visiting mom & dad!


The Y Family said...

Love the collages! How did you do those? I've wanted to try some on my blog but haven't had the time to try it out. Congrats on the baby to be!

The Y Family said...

Thanks for the info!!! Having two has been quite the adjustment. I thought I was doing well at handling one and figured that I'd be an ace at two. I laugh now that I ever had that thought! Just remember in those first few months that things do start to get a bit easier after six months or so when the new baby doesn't have to nurse as much and isn't so demanding in general. Good luck!