Friday, November 6, 2009

Guest Bath Reveal....

So. One of the many projects we've been working on is the guest/Brady's bathroom. This was one ugly room to begin with. The only upgrade that was ever done in here was crown molding. But you couldn't even see it because it blended in with the white walls. I've wanted to paint the room for forever, but never felt like doing it (I really don't enjoy painting). Here are 2 before pictures:


And now for the afters. The largest part of this project was installing ceramic tile floors. We had yucky linoleum before. We also installed faux board and batten on the walls using this tutorial. Then I painted and Rob put up a new towel bar. I must say I'm not that happy with the paint color - it turned out much more "apple green" than the "sage" color I was going for. But I'm not about to paint it again.


I must say Rob did an excellent job with the tile considering he hasn't tiled anything in over a decade. I was really nervous about letting him do it, but I do love the results! And please ignore the toilet paper roll that is just sitting on the holder. We normally have to keep it up on the counter top since Brady enjoys unrolling the whole thing and eating a few squares! I still need to find some accessories and something to hang on the wall, but it will probably take me another year before I find something I really like.


Stephanie said...

Wow - it looks fantastic! {And I love the green, for real!}

I've been trying to figure out which room to do the board and batten project in too. I'm so happy someone else did it and it turned out gorgeous! What a neat idea to have it in the bathroom, I would have never thought of it. Quaint&lovely =)

Erin said...


What a great job on the bathroom! It looks awesome! I am very impressed. :)

It has been too long since I have looked at your blog, onto the google reader it goes! :)

Your family is so darling. I so much admire the great values and family life you have. And wow, your little one is getting SO BIG! Very fun

Loved the family pictures, I desperately need to get our done...