Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Master Bath Reveal!

So here is the other home improvement project that we have been working on over the past month. One thing that I am finally accepting and coming to terms with is the fact that when you have a child things get done at a much slower pace. Tasks that used to only take me a few hours to complete now take days and tasks that used to take days now take weeks. This bathroom is a perfect example of that. Rob and I have had to work on it a little at a time. Some days we didn't touch it at all. The main changes we made are upgrading the nasty linoleum floors to ceramic tile, replacing the baseboards, and adding beadboard and a chair rail to the walls. Then we painted the top half of the room a pretty milk chocolate color and replaced the towel bar/toilet paper roll. We'd like to replace the shower head and light fixture, but that stuff can wait.

I will say that beadboard is a total PITA to work with. Rob and I both agree that we never want to work with it again. Rhoda at Southern Hospitality posted about some great beadboard wallpaper that I would like to give a try in our breakfast room. Tiling the kitchen floors is next on our list, so we will see if I can talk Rob into letting me put that on the walls at the same time.

Here are 2 before shots.....

And now the afters.....

(please ignore the filthy toilet brush - it's on my list to replace this month)

Now I need to brag on my awesome husband for a little bit....He did such a great job on the floors and on the beadboard. He hadn't tiled anything in over a decade before he started on the bathrooms and he had never installed beadboard before. I really admire him for not being scared to try something new. He just jumps right in and figures it out as he goes along (although this part really stresses me out sometimes!). I love that when I ask him to do something (home improvement wise) he actually gets excited about doing it and doesn't complain.

I am excited that these projects are finally done and we can concentrate on the upcoming holidays! I am determined to have all my decorating and shopping done by Dec. 1st this year, so that I can actually ENJOY the festivities. Last year I was stressed to the max. Let's just say that a new baby + Christmas = insanity!

I still need to get around to uploading more pics of our Ohio visit. Hopefully I will be able to get to that by this weekend. Also the photographer that took our family pics while we were on our trip just mailed us our Christmas cards & CD with our pics on it. I should receive it by this weekend or early next week so I will be posting those as well.


Anonymous said...

The master bath looks great! I hope you don't mind but I just might pop on by bring my slippers and fluffy robe and hang out in your tub! lol It looks awesome! Enjoy!

Tiffany said...

The bathroom looks great! My husband just asked me lastnight if I'd want to put new flooring down in our bathroom and the answer is yes! Enjoy your new bathroom!

mom said...

The bathroom looks so nice. Rob really did a good job on the floors and walls and you did great on the painting and caulking. Can't wait to see it in person.