Sunday, April 1, 2012

I've Got a Good Excuse

Actually I've got a few good excuses why I haven't updated this blog since November! The biggest reason is that of a cross country move back to our hometown, Cincinnati, OH. For the last 3 months our life turned into a bit of a comedy (or at some times drama) movie. I seriously think we could write a book. You would not believe the things that have happened to us over these past few months, both big and little. It got so crazy that all we could do is just laugh every time something else would happen (or in some instances cry). I have also experienced every emotion I ever thought possible during this journey. Some of them I am still trying to process.

But I am happy to say that we are finally in our new house and getting settled. I absolutely adore our new neighborhood. Brady has already made friends with many of the other neighborhood children. I still find myself really missing Mobile and Alabama in general. Whenever I look through old pictures on my computer I tear up thinking about our time spent there, the wonderful people we met and our old house that Rob and I worked so hard on and made so many memories in. I'm praying that I start getting that same feeling about our new home soon.

Here are just a few pictures of the past few weeks. Hopefully I will have some free time to post more soon.

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Britni said...

Yay Audrey!! I check this thing often and I'm glad I did today! So glad to see the boys! I showed their pics to Noah. Cant believe how big C is getting!