Monday, May 21, 2012

A Great Weekend

A few nights ago I mentioned to Rob that I really needed to start blogging again, even though he used to pick on me for my silly little hobby. But this time he actually encouraged me! I've been thinking a lot lately about how fast time is flying by and I'm not doing anything except taking pictures (and never printing them). And since I'm not a big scrapbook or photo album person this blog is really the only documentation I will have of these years with out young family!

This past weekend was so great for us. I actually didn't take many pictures at all because I didn't want to haul my camera with me everywhere, but I wanted to write down what I remember so I can look back on it years from now. Friday afternoon Rob got home early and we spent that evening at our good friends, Jack and Sarah's, house. Brady had a ton of fun playing with their daughter, Addison. They rode around the yard in her Barbie jeep and swam in the hot tub after dinner. Rob and I have always said that we would never buy a motorized vehicle toy for our children, but after watching Brady's face light up every time he set foot in that jeep we may have to reconsider!

Saturday morning started out slow and I was becoming annoyed with Rob for "dilly dallying" all morning - something he regularly accuses me of! After lunch though we set off for the bike trail in historic Loveland. We brought Brady's new bike along with us and Rob and I rented bikes from Montgomery Cyclery as well as a trailer for Carson to ride in. We rode about 3 miles in one direction then turned around and headed back towards town. Brady was loving being able to ride so fast without having to constantly stop to cross the streets in our neighborhood. He got going a little too fast though and fell off his bike on our ride back. I thought for sure he was done for, but we eventually got him calmed down and he was excited to finish his ride. When we got back to town he played on the playground for a short while and then we headed to one of the sidewalk cafe's for a snack. While we were eating we ran into Jack and Sarah again who were riding on the trail too. Since Rob and I had rented our bikes for 3 hours and we still had a little time left we put Brady's bike back in Rob's truck and put him in the bike trailer with Carson and we headed off in the other direction on the trail. Brady was doing a great job on the trail, but I was stressing out a little every time another person would pass us. Some people ride super fast and I was so scared Brady would drift a little too far over into the other lane and get hit. With him in the trailer though Rob and I were able to ride faster and not worry about the kids. I think he enjoyed the break too. After our ride we turned our bikes in and headed to the Loveland Dairy Whip for some ice cream. Brady was so cute sitting on the picnic bench covered in sweat and dirt with sticky ice cream hands and face - just what a little boy should be!

{Carson at Costco}

Sunday morning we got up early and headed to church - we adore the new church we have found up here. It reminds us so much of our old church in Mobile. While there Rob ran into an old friend of his which was nice to see. After that we went to Costco and spent entirely too much money (as usual). That evening we did our first "family movie night". I use that term loosely because we put Carson to bed first and Rob and I both crashed on the couch by 9:45. Brady woke us up when the movie (Cars) went off at 10:30. Brady was so excited all afternoon though. He kept talking about us having a pajama party (and insisted that we all had to have ours on) and how we were going to "eat snacks, listen to music, drink milk, and watch a movie".

We are going to have another exciting weekend coming up - the Nicholson's are visiting! We haven't seen them since we left Mobile in December. Brady is very excited to see "No No" and show him his new neighborhood.

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