Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This post is going to be all over the place......

I am so excited for the pool that we joined this year to open up. Last night they had a get together for new members and Sarah and Addison went with me because their family is already members and Rob had to work and I didn't want to go by myself. It opens this weekend!

I am also so excited for the Nicholson's to come visit this weekend. Hopefully the children all behave and we don't tire ourselves out too quickly because we are hoping to do quite a lot (Golf for the men, Red's game, Pool, Kings Island).

I'm addicted to Amazon. I've got 97 books on my wishlist and can't ever find the time to read. I ordered these 2 last night.

The Power of a Positive Mom: Revised Edition

Your Child's Self-Esteem

That second one is a little old school, but it was recommended by another blog that I read and got great reviews. So we will see. 

Last week I finally finished putting together our 2009 photo book. Yes, I said 2009. And it is now 2012. I'm terrible about actually printing pictures, but I'm trying to be better about the whole "memory keeper" part of my job description as a SAHM. Anyway I ordered it from Apple (I read in some photography magazine at the library a long time ago that their quality was excellent). And since I already use Aperture 3 to organize and do a lot of photo editing it was very simple. But I have so many pictures that I had to have 2 books made for the year because they wouldn't all fit into 1. I have both books made on the computer, but only ordered one of them to double check the quality first - since my books are so large they're kind of expensive.

On the same "memory keeping" note I'm thinking of trying out Becky Higgens Project 365 for the kids. I really don't like "themey" things, but something has got to be better than nothing right? And her kits make everything extremely easy to use. They are out of stock on Amazon right now, but her website says they will be available again in late May (should be soon I'm assuming!) We shall see.

I've also been loving instagram lately. Just one more way for me to capture those memories!

That's all for now - Carson just woke up from his nap screaming!

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