Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our New Toy!

Rob & I have been searching for a new vehicle for a few weeks now. Originally we were looking at the Saturn Outlook, but were getting really frustrated because we couldn't find one with a second row bench seat that wasn't tan leather (we were wanting a darker color). Then the salesman that we had been working with emailed Rob to let him know that he had just switched dearlerships and the new one he was at had an (almost new) GMC Acacdia (basically the exact same car) on the lot. I say "almost new" because it only has 3,400 miles on it. And since it is technically "used" we got it for MUCH cheaper :) It has everything else that we were looking for...yea for us! Here are some pictures...

Goodness, I'm getting big!

Now we just need to find someone who's willing to buy Rob's old Chevy Blazer and we'll be all set. So if you know anyone who wants to buy a piece of crap, let us know...we'll sell it to 'em real cheap!


Britni said...

I LOVE your new wheels!!! That is a cute pic of you in front of the car. Glad the recipes turned out good - I need to try more of them.

Anonymous said...

Audry - I really like your new car. Can't wait to take a ride. CAN I DRIVE IT? Just kidding. I also want to try your new recipes on my new stove. Glad to see you're eating better. I told you to try new things! MOM