Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quick Update

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post an update since I haven't posted anything all week. First of all, can you believe Brady will already be 4 weeks old on Monday? Where has the time gone? I'm not sure if we should say he is one month old on that day or on November 20th (Thursday). What do you think? Leave it to me to be stressed over something simple like this! 

Guess who finally has a belly button?! Brady finally decided to give it up last Monday on his 3 week b-day. It's a good thing too, Rob & I were starting to think he was going to try to take it to college with him. 

We are all doing well here. I think I'm finally getting adjusted to not getting any sleep. It's amazing how well I can function on just a few hours a night! We are going to try to start letting Brady sleep in his own room/crib this week. We bought the "baby crack machine" which really works...knocks him out in a few minutes. So hopefully this will help with the transition. Although I think I'm more worried about it than he is!

I'm finally in the process of sending out his birth announcements...still collecting a few addresses. I was going to have fancy custom made ones printed up, but after realizing how overwhelmed I was with all the choices (and not having time to sit down and decide what I wanted) I decided to just go with ones from Shutterfly. They turned out pretty well though. Surprisingly they actually cost more than the fancy designer ones I was originally going to have made! But at least it only took me about a 30 min to pick one out and order it.

We also added a few more pics to the Picasa album, so check them out if you haven't recently (link on side bar).

Rob, Audrey & Brady


Sarah said...

How cute! I think he looks like Rob. You should post baby pictures of you and Rob and do a poll!! You will end up using the 20th as the "month" after I would say 12 weeks. After that it's too hard to keep track of. Time does fly, enjoy every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

Audrey - The pictures you sent are so cute. I'm going to have them developed for my "Grandma scrapbook". I miss my little pumpkin. You both are doing a great job with him. Love Mom

Melody said...

Bailey didn't lose her cord until she was a month old either! I was like EERR! Finally, the nurse put the liquid nitrogen on it and it still took another week for the little stump to fall off! It means he is healthy though (that's what the nurse said). She said if your baby's cord takes a long time to fall off then it was thick and your baby was getting plenty of nutrients while you were pregnant :) Also, I didn't consider Bailey a month until the actual day (Feb. 6) b/c her birthday was Jan 6. :)