Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today was a Good Day!

Hello! I can't believe I actually have the time & energy to post something! This is Brady & I at the moment. He LOVES his Beco Butterfly carrier. And I love anything that gets him to stop crying! Today was a very good day, but this past week has been horrible. Brady has been so fussy and we know it is because he is so gassy. He can fart louder than a full grown man! It breaks my heart to know that he is in pain and nothing we do seems to help. We have tried simethicone gas drops and Gripe Water, both of which have only offered small relief. I've also stopped (for the most part) eating dairy products to see if that helps. I think Rob was relieved to return to work today after listening to Brady's screaming all weekend. I also think he has a new appreciation for what I've been going through on a daily basis. 

Like I said though, today was a very good day. Brady still had plenty of gas, but we managed to ward off the screaming/crying fits. I also got an unbelievable 7.5 hours of sleep last night...I feel like a new woman! I finally started pumping and I had Rob take over one of Brady's middle of the night feedings. Whew, what a relief! However, I am a nice wife and told him I wouldn't make him do it on nights when he has to be at work early in the morning.

This picture was taken last weekend, but I thought it was adorable so I had to post it. I also added a few more pics to the Picasa album.

Brady is also 5 weeks old today! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Although much of this past month is a blur in my sleep deprived memory!

Please keep my niece Macy in your prayers. We (and her doctor) think everything is going to be ok, but she is having a CT Scan on Wednesday because her head is measuring a little larger than normal so they need to make sure she doesn't have water on her brain. Please also pray for Macy's parents (my sister & BIL). Mike (my BIL) is having some health problems of his own which I won't elaborate on since nothing has been confirmed yet and we need to keep positive thoughts. But your prayers would definitely be appreciated. Take Care!

Rob, Audrey & Brady

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I think I figured out where the mysterious hits are coming from on the traffic feed! Don't worry, it isn't a stalker!