Sunday, November 9, 2008

War Eagle!

Brady showed off his team spirit yesterday. Luckily the Tigers won their game. This is the t-shirt I bought for Rob's father's day gift this year. I thought Brady could wear it during the Alabama/Auburn game, but since our baby is a beefcake I wasn't sure if it would fit him by then. Justin's (Britni's husband & Rob's best friend) family sent us a really cute Auburn Christmas t-shirt that I can't wait to put on him also. Thank you to the Bradford family (not sure if you ever drift over here from Britnit's blog or not)!

Thank you also to Britni & Justin for all the adorable baby gifts we've received from them. Brady has already been getting a lot of use out of the clothes & burp cloths! They were also nice enough to stop by our house & take care of Frank while we were still in the hospital...Thank you! 

Brady has been staying awake longer in the past few days. I love it when he is wide awake and especially when he smiles. Although I must admit sometimes I'm not sure what to do with him when he is awake. I feel bad if I let him sit in his bouncer or swing. I feel like I need to be entertaining him every minute. I usually read or sing to him (he's well on his way to mastering his ABC's) or we do tummy time. We've only been able to go on one walk so far, but hopefully that will change this week and we can get out some more. Take care!

Rob, Audrey & Brady


Anonymous said...

Adorable picture of you and Brady! He needs some BAMA clothes!

Sarah said...

What a cute picture! You both look great! Keep taking pictures-You'll never have enough.

Jamie said...

That is a cute photo. Glad you had fun watching the game this weekend.

Anonymous said...

he's winking in that first pic