Tuesday, May 12, 2009

***WARNING! Picture Overload***

This post is for you mom! She was bugging me a few nights ago about not updating the blog recently and wanting to see more pictures - so I just spent over an hour uploading all of these. I went back through some recent pictures and picked out all my favorites - some are as old as March though. Don't be fooled if Brady looks small in some of them. Rest assured he is not! He was 20 lbs 1 oz and almost 30 inches long at his last appointment!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I am FINALLY starting to truly enjoy motherhood. I LOVE spending time with this little boy. He cracks me up. He is always making the goofiest faces and gets excited over the most random things. And he has gotten so much easier as far as naps go. Today he actually took a 3 hour nap in the morning and another 2 hour nap in the afternoon - I hope he sleeps all night like he's supposed to! He is getting ready to cut his 1st tooth though so I think that is why his sleeping has been off. His bottom gums look very swollen and I've never seen a baby slobber so much in my life. He's also had a very runny nose and been tugging at his ears which I've heard are signs of teething. Hopefully it will pop through soon!

I had a great mother's day - Brady (along with Daddy's help) made me a stepping stone for the garden with his handprint in it. I love it! I was actually hoping Rob would get me something like this instead of spending a bunch of money on something we don't need. He did a great job! We started the day off at church and then ran some errands and Brady took another 3 hour nap that afternoon! It was very relaxing and I could tell Brady was trying hard to be on his best behavior for his mama!

Enjoy all the pics! If you click on them they (should) become larger.

Mother's Day 2009

My garden stepping stone from Brady

This is how we found Brady one morning last week - he rolled over sometime during the night!

Excuse me have you seen my puff?

He loves his Babylegs. And don't you dare take that remote control away from him!

In his handsome football outfit courtesy of Justin & Britni!

He was the cutest baby in the nursery that day.

I love this picture

Are these not the silliest faces you've ever seen?

How many of those rolls count as his cheeks?

Preparing to get lubed up during his nightly eczema treatment

My absolute favorite picture of Brady and Frank together. Don't they look like best friends already?

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Anonymous said...

Audrey - Thank you so much for posting all the pics. They are so cute. Brady has changed so much. I can't wait to see all of you and spend time with him. I wish I could see Frankie too. See you in a few days. Love Mom