Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a Preview

We've been home from Cincy for almost a week and things are just now finally getting back to normal. It's past my bedtime and I'm too tired to post a lot of photos, but I will try to find time tomorrow to add more. I thought I'd go ahead and share this one though - Brady went for his 1st ride on the swings while we were there. He had a great time, although I pretty sure he was more excited about watching his cousin, Macy, on the swings than he was about actually swinging himself.


Anonymous said...

Cute picture!! Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Audrey - What a cute picture. We had such a good time with all of you. We miss you so much. Can't wait to baby sit for Brady in July. Send more pictures if you can. Love you all, Mom.