Monday, January 18, 2010

Brady's New Laugh & More Construction

This was taken one night last week. Brady loves it when we jump up and down. He thinks it's so funny!

The flooring project is coming along really well. Of course it has taken a little longer than expected, but that is mostly because our slab had a few variations in height and Rob had to pour leveling compound to even it out. He is going to grout it this morning and hopefully we'll be moving our furniture back in tomorrow morning. We still need to put new baseboards down, but we'll probably wait to do that till the hardwood gets installed in the rest of the house, since those baseboards will be getting replaced as well.

Funny story - Rob & I had gotten some Guthrie's chicken to eat for lunch yesterday and Rob had left his box sitting on the kitchen table (currently in the living room). Later that day I walked into the construction zone to fix Brady something to eat. While I was in there I heard him in the family room rustling around. When I walked back in he was hiding behind the table with Rob's box of food (the leftovers) open eating the french fries and toast! He was even dipping the french fries in the sauce before he ate them. At first it startled me when I saw him shoving stuff in his mouth, then when I realized what it was I burst out laughing. Apparently he was really hungry!


mom said...

Poor child has to hide when he eats. I've done that before! Love his laugh!!!

Stephanie said...

HAHA! I love the scream/giggle. Too hilarious!

Kids are so funny. One of our techncians brought her new baby into the pharmacy today - my heart melted =)=)=)=)