Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Which one would you rather eat?

The organic strawberries sprinkled with a bit of sugar?? Me too. YUM!

Not my kid though...


What'cha doing out there Brady? I hope you're not eating that chalk like I asked you not to.

Although I know better since I saw you loading up your trunk with contraband before you headed out.

Sorry bud, but I'm going to have to take the chalk away and ask you to park your car a little closer to the patio so I can watch you closer. (I then apologized to the neighbors for all the screaming!)

Today has been such a long day. I. am. exhausted. I woke up bright and early at 6:30 (I meant to get up at 5:30) and went to the gym - impressive, huh? There's nothing like wanting to get pregnant again to kick your butt in gear and make you want to get in shape so you don't turn into a total elephant :) Plus bathing suit season is nearly here. I bought a cute mom suit from J.Crew, but it's not nearly as cute on my new mom figure :(

So after the gym I came home, showered, and then took Brady to Kindermusik. He had a blast as usual. Then we came home to eat and nap. Only I didn't get to nap. I spent the afternoon cleaning. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the yard and eating strawberries & chalk.

I've decided I hate coming up with new titles for every post. So from now on I'll probably just be using the date unless I can actually think of a good one :)


mom said...

Remember when you used to peel the seeds off strawberries???

Sarah said...

Your new camera lens is amazing!! You are doing such a great job learning how to use it-I am so impressed!! The swimsuit is adorable too (as are the pics of Brady, of course). I was off work today and had every intention of uploading pictures and the day is getting away from me!!!