Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Toy!

Well Brady got his swing set this weekend and he adores it, as suspected. He screams at the back door until I let him out, then he runs to the swing and points till I pick him up and put him in it. Getting him to come inside is a nightmare. I need to invest in some ear plugs. His tantrum usually lasts a good 15 minutes. Even Mickey can't distract him. 

A few other things...

*I went back to the gym this morning for the first time since November. Pathetic, huh? I'm pretty sure I will regret that decision in the morning, although I'm going to force myself to go again tomorrow.

*I tried uploading a new blog template earlier today and ended up deleting my list of favorite blogs....grrrr! So frustrating. Now I have to dig through my bookmarks bar and find them all again.

*The past 2 Sundays we've visited a new church. It's a Church of Christ, which I love. My best friend's family growing up were members. And I was baptized when I was in middle school. I've missed it. Rob, however, was not too pleased for me to force him out of his comfort zone. He likes the much larger, much newer Methodist church we've been at for the past 3 years.

*We finally booked our Disney vacation tonight! So excited!

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Anonymous said...

How fun! He looks like he loves it! And you look so lovely. Congrats on booking the disney trip! You will have so much fun!