Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clean Color

One thing I am trying to work on before the baby arrives is improving my photography skills. I want to have great family photo albums with beautiful pictures of our kids and daily lives. I am becoming way too aware of how quickly time is slipping away and I want to preserve our memories before it becomes too late.

I am a member of And when I say "member" what I really mean is I like to stalk to the boards, but have never posted:) Anyway there has recently been a bunch of hype about another photographer, Erin Cobb, and a new video tutorial she has made to teach her workflow and how she achieves her beautiful photographs. Photoshop (I use Elements) and post processing in general has been something I have been struggling with ever since I got my camera (over 2 years ago). So I couldn't resist the urge and decided to splurge.....and boy am I glad I did. Here are two examples that I snapped of Brady this afternoon when we got home from church:

Before (SOOC - straight out of the camera):


Before (SOOC):


Can you tell the difference? I sure can. It is subtle, but the finished images look so much more vibrant and polished. Some of the things I've been learning about are levels, saturation, brightness/contrast, curves, vignettes, skin softening, making the eyes pop, and sharpening. I am super excited. I think I'm going to be much happier with the candids I snap everyday!

If you're interested here's Erin's info:

personal blog (and link to Clean Color tutorial on sidebar)
professional blog
professional site


Daniel, Melissa, and Garrett said...

I'm glad you posted about this! I've had photoshop elements for a few years and have had a hard time navigating it!

The Y Family said...

Well done, Audrey! I'll have to check out the links. I've had Elements for a long while but just haven't taken the time to learn how to use it or use it at all.

Mary Sievers said...

When you say you decided to splurge, did you get a new editing program other than the Elements? I have Elements on the mac and have yet to figure out how to maximize potential! I have just been using iPhoto to edit but the difference in yours looks amazing! What type of camera are you using?