Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have been tagged by my friend Britni to list 6 interesting quirks about here goes...

1. I think vegetables are the devil. The closest thing I'll eat is a french fry (and only the thin ones...steak fries are too "potatoey" in the middle). Seriously, I don't like mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, corn, nada....all nasty. 

2. I NEVER get novocaine when I have cavities filled at the dentist's office. Now, luckily I haven't had any cavities in about 2 years. But growing up I never once went to a 6mo checkup and didn't leave without them finding a cavity. I am so fearful of needles that I'd rather feel the drill grinding into the nerves in my teeth than get shot up with novocaine. It actually doesn't hurt that bad, really.

3. Daniel Boone is my 6th great uncle (correct me if I'm wrong on this one, mom!)

4. I have slight OCD about making sure I've turned my flat iron off. Whenever I try to leave the house I ALWAYS have to go back in once to double check and make sure it's been turned off. Then after I get in the car for the 2nd time, I second guess myself one more time...but I can usually resist the urge to go back for a 2nd check. 

5. I am very systematic and methodical in the way I balance our checkbook. If the balance is off by just a few cents I will literally spend hours going back and recalculating everything till I find the mistake. 

6. I'm addicted to queso dip. Just ask Justin & Britni, or Rob - I'm surprised they don't have to pry the bowl out of my hands when we go out to dinner with them!

Sorry these aren't more interesting. I'll tag Sarah - because she's the only other blogger friend (besides Britni) I know in real life!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, number two on your list makes me hurt :(