Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Almost Time!!!

I've been working hard planning Brady's 1st b-day party and I can't wait to celebrate! This has been the fastest (and hardest) year of my life. But it has been a wonderful journey! It really makes me sad that I can't hold my tiny baby in my arms and nurse him anymore. I really miss those days. I don't miss the lack of sleep, but I really miss my tiny baby, especially now that he's 27 pounds and my arm goes numb if I carry him too long!

His birthday party is going to be small - mostly family and a few friends. We're traveling to our hometown in Ohio so all our family can attend. We're having the party at the local pumpkin patch and we plan on taking a hayride together. I really can't wait. I haven't been to Shaw Farms in at least 10 years, probably longer.

Brady turned 11 months yesterday and he absolutely would not sit still to let me take a picture of him. Today was no better. I'll get one eventually though! Rob actually called me from work yesterday to remind me what day it was and to take pictures. This is how our conversation went:

Me: hello?
Rob: do you know what day it is?
Me: ummm....
Rob: Brady's 11 months old today.
Me: Oh wow, I forgot!
Rob: yup, I can't believe it either.
Me: Ugh oh! I guess it's time to get started on the next one...........(half joking and waiting for an objection)
Rob: OK
Me: What???
Rob: I'm fine with that.
Me: Really?

For those of you that know me well you know that I've had baby fever for the past 6 months. But Rob wasn't quite on board yet. He asked me a couple weeks ago when I wanted to start trying for another, but I wasn't sure if he really wanted to try yet. Preferably I think I'd like to wait till Jan. or Feb. before we start trying again, only because if I got pregnant any earlier the baby would be due in the middle of next summer, right when we'd be trying to sell our house again. I don't think I want to deal with that kind of stress! However, part of me kinda wants to just let nature take it's course and if it happens before then, so be it. I really didn't enjoy getting pregnant last time, because everything was so "planned" if you know what I mean. It was kind of stressful. And then there was the dreaded 2 week wait every month, waiting to see if it worked. I would much prefer to not stress out and instead enjoy life! But I must confess I'm scared to not be in control!

I'm really trying hard not to worry about so much though and instead trust God and follow him (and his plans NOT MINE!). Which leads me to these two books I've been reading and wanted to share. Both are excellent. The second one took me a while to "get into it", but I've been trying to take it slow and digest what is being said. The Beth Moore book is great. I've only read about the first 50 pages but I've already learned so much. I chose this book because I tend to gravitate more towards the "self-help" kind of christian books - you know the kind that tell you how to live. I've read so many of those books but I'm kind of getting tired of them. I wanted to read something with a little more "meat" to it. Beth does a great job at really setting the scene and helping you understand the historical context and the way society was at the time the disciple John walked with Jesus. She brings up questions I would have never thought of, and I'm so glad she does, because it's really helping me pay attention and understand some things I would have otherwise skimmed over and not thought about.

The Beloved Disciple: Following John to the Heart of JesusDifferent Kind of Wild, A: Is Your Faith Too Tame?

I was in Lifeway this past weekend and the Beth Moore book was on sale for just $5! That's actually the only reason I bought it - glad I did. The other book I bought for about the same amount when our church bookstore went out of business. It was one of the few books left and I didn't want to look rude and walk out without buying anything, so I picked it up, not really expecting much out of it. Maybe God knows I'm a cheapskate and only buy things on sale and intentionally put these in my path? Hmmm....

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Your son is to cute!! Love the name Brady. Have a good week, Ginger