Thursday, September 24, 2009

See What I Mean???

This is my "craft room"
Somehow I have to serve dinner on this table tonight, then drag all this junk back out and repeat the process again tomorrow and maybe again the next day. Do you see why I don't sew or "craft" very often?

I might as well show you what I've been working covers for the throw pillows on our couch. I found this fabric on the remnant table at my favorite fabric store here in Mobile, Five Gold Monkeys. I must admit, it's not the prettiest fabric in the world, but it matched our color scheme and it was marked down to $5/yd when the original price was $26.95/yd. Can't beat that! I've never made these covers before so I figured it would be a good practice fabric.

I've been wanting to make new covers for a while, since we've had our others for quite a while. I normally buy covers from Pottery Barn, but they are EXPENSIVE! Usually anywhere from $30-$50 per cover and I need at least 6 of them for our couch. The total for this one was about $6. Also I always want to buy "seasonal" covers for Christmas/Fall/Spring/Summer to change the feel of the room. But, HELLO, we're not rich! Now I can make as many as I want. They are very easy to make also. The hardest part is measuring and cutting out the fabric. You can find the tutorial I used here.

I was so proud of myself for not screwing up the velcro! Now I can remove them to be washed or just change them up whenever.
I only made this one last night, because I started pretty late. I'm going to try and finish two more tonight. Then I'll start shopping for some prettier fabric ~ maybe something Christmasy!


Anonymous said...

whadayoumean "low end sewing machine" ??? ha-ha just kidding. i would have bought you a better one but i didn't think you would use it that much. your pillows look great, good job! MAMMA

audrey said...

I said I appreciated it!!! Without it I wouldn't sew at all! I thought about asking Rob for an upgrade for Christmas, but I don't even know what to look for in a machine. So I think I'm going to ask for a new camera lens instead!

Anonymous said...

The throw pillows are cute! Kudos to you for getting all your craft things out and working and then putting them away each day! Have a good weekend, Ginger

my life as a wife said...

I love those covers! I want to learn how to make some like those!