Monday, September 28, 2009

Saving Money!!!

I love a bargain and I'm a self-professed Cheap-O with a capital C. In our local Sunday paper yesterday there was an article on a local mom that saves hundreds of dollars every month on groceries by couponing and shopping local sales. I immediately checked out her blog and am so inspired. I've heard of this type of stuff before using the Grocery Game, but didn't shop at the stores they had "lists" for in our area. But this lady actually lives here in Mobile and on my side of town. You would not believe the amount of money she saves. The downfall is that she does most of her grocery shopping at the new Publix across the bay which is a good 45-60min drive for me. But like I said, she lives on my side of town and she makes this drive weekly and saves a TON of money so I think it might just be worth the gas $$ and my time to give it a try. Plus I love any excuse to take a little trip over there :)

She also buys most of her toiletry items from drug stores like Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid. I've heard of people making out like bandits at these stores, but have never given it a try......and the hubby works for Walgreens so I can use his employee discount on top of the savings. I bought 3 copies of the Sunday paper yesterday to get extra coupons and I've scoured the Walgreens ad and made my list. Brady is napping right now, but when he wakes up we're heading out to stock up and visit daddy at work. If everything works out like I've planned we'll do very well on our trip.

This lady (her name is Shannon by the way) also posted today about with a coupon code (CHEF) to save 80% off of their already reduced gift card prices. She said she has used the website before and it really is legit. So of course I hopped on over there and lo and behold Butch Cassidy's (our favorite burger joint) is one of the participants. So I ordered 4 $10 gift certificates (which you print right then & there) for a whopping $3.20. There are some conditions - valid Mon-Thurs. for dinner only & you must spend at least $15, plus they add 20% gratuity - but HELLO we have no problem with any of these! I think we'll be dining out this evening :) I'll let you know if there are any issues using the certificates. Britni - I don't remember if you & Justin like BC or not, but there are other local restaurants listed as well!


Stephanie said...

Awesome! Thanks for bringing this all to our attention!

I will use this to soften the blow of my shopping trip today by telling my husband "..but I learned how to save lots of money on our groceries and eating out so I just spent it on clothes instead....."


audrey said...

haha! That's exactly what I plan on spending the extra $$ on as well!