Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's Coming!

He hasn't taken any steps on his own without assistance yet, but I have a feeling it won't be very long till he does!

We have been so busy around here. We're leaving for Ohio on Tuesday when Rob gets home from work. I've been busy making lists, cleaning, doing laundry, making lists, organizing, packing, and did I mention making lists? Yeah, I'm kinda OCD like that. Otherwise I'll forget something really important. This trip is even harder to pack for since I've got all our birthday party supplies to pack. Also we are having our 1st "real" family pictures taken while we're on our trip, so I've been deciding on outfits and shopping for the finishing touches. I've been busy hemming all of Brady's pants too. He's a chunky monkey and wears a size 2T, but the problem is that they are too long for him, so I have to hem them up for him. I also made some adorable party hats for him & his friends to wear at his party next Saturday. Pray that the weather warms up some. Right now they are calling for a high of 51 degrees! Ouch. I don't know if we'll be having the party at the pumpkin patch if that really happens!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun on your trip! You sound a lot like me...I make lists for everything too! You should see my calendar!lol I write down everything. How sweet of you to make hats for his birthday party! I hope the party is really special and fun!