Monday, October 5, 2009

Wonderful Sunday

Yesterday was a really great day. It started off with a trip to the Spot of Tea, my favorite brunch place, for a baby shower/birthday party for Carrie, a sweet friend of mine that I met at Kindermusik. She is due with her 2nd in November. I just met her a few months ago and she has been so kind to me. She invited me to join a playgroup with some other moms that she knew and I have enjoyed getting to know those girls as well. It was so nice to get away without Brady for some talking and laughing. I really needed that!

This cheesecake was so delicious. Another girl, Kim, made it from scratch. She said she got the recipe off of Martha Stewart's website. I will definitely be making this in the near future.

We all chipped in and got Carrie a double stroller and a gift card to Posh Salon. She was so grateful. It was adorable.
Another lady gave her a pink cammo dress and embroidered bib for sweet Violet. She made them herself - I was so impressed. I wish I had the skills and proper sewing machine to make stuff like this!
Some of the guests
More of the guests.

Thank you so much BRITNI for babysitting Brady for me so I could attend!!! You are a wonderful babysitter and an even better friend!

Later that day Brady and I were playing in his room. Actually he was playing and I was reading in his glider. He kept pulling up on my knees and laying his head in my lap like he wanted to climb up there with me. So I scooped him up and started rocking him. Probably no one knows this but when I rock him to sleep or put him down for naps I like to sing church hymns to him. My voice is horrible, but the songs are usually nice and slow and it seems to calm him down. So I was singing and rocking away and he fell asleep with his head on my chest. There were a million and one things I needed to get done. But I just couldn't put him down. Tears started welling up in my eyes as I was thinking about how I'm not going to be able to rock him for much longer. So I sat there, with my arm falling asleep, and let him nap in my arms while I sang to him and prayed for him for over an hour. I love little moments like those.


Britni said...

Awww, that story brought tears to my eyes, too! What a sweet moment!! I enjoyed my time with Brady yesterday! While I was babysitting I couldn't help but think about how much we are going to miss you guys when you move :(

Anonymous said...

The shower looks so cute! I am glad it was a good shower for your friend. The cheesecake looks yummy! You are so sweet talking about your moment with Brady. That is so precious! Good for you for enjoying the moment and forgeting about everything else. I love moments like that with Lillian.

Anonymous said...

That cheeese cake looks yummy! Bring the recipe when you come home.

ABW said...

I miss that cuddling, so when Junior wants to crawl in my lap, I scoop him up in a heartbeat. Those times are few and far between now, but they are sweet times!